"Daniel is conscientious, accurate and he never misses a beat. During our consultations he always listened to whatever we wanted regarding room functionality, he would offer his opinion but ultimately drafted up a plan that reflected our wants and our tastes. Daniel never missed a deadline. He is responsive and easy to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable about the New York City building code and how to navigate New York City DOB bureaucracy.
-- Beth R.


"In our 22+ years of practice, I can say that Mr. Alter is - by far - one of the most effective professionals to have on a project. Not only are his resulting designs pleasing to the eye; they are code compliant and truly 'thought through.' Confident in his abilities; and yet honest (a rarity in today's industry).
In our multiple projects with Mr. Alter - I can say that his attention to detail - and using his best ability to assure the project is truly correct (both in Quality / Owners Requests; and then the resulting code compliance) - is far beyond what many 'professionals' offer as part of their services. There is much 'unseen' work performed on behalf of his clients - of which - generally go under appreciated (if known to them at all)."
We have a saying 'there is too much GOOD work, to do BAD work.' I know immediately with Mr. Alter, that 'good work' has just walked through the door. You will receive the 'full package' from this Architect."

-- Peter S.


"We hired Daniel to be the architect on our gut renovation of a 140 year-old brownstone. The house had become a 3 family apartment building and was being returned to its original use as a one-family house. The job was extensive and essentially required demolishing everything down to the wall studs and floor joists. Daniel was wonderful to work with and translated our vision of what we wanted. He was responsive, knowledgable and easy to deal with. The fees he charged were reasonable."
-- Omar R.

"Providing your client with the necessary guidance during the Design / Construction process has become more and more complicated in recent years. As construction costs have escalated and City Agency regulations tightened your choice of an Architect has never been more important.
Creativity - not just with aesthetic decisions - is essential as the Client / Architect relationship proceeds toward project completion. Along this road it is essential to work with an Architect who has years of experience and understands the importance of providing one's client with the necessary elements for a successful project - Daniel Alter provides that caliber of professionalism and focus."

-- Paul R.


"Working with Daniel Alter was a wonderful experience! He made an overwhelming project manageable with his calm and reassuring manner. Daniel was creative, insightful, detail-oriented and honest. He worked well with our contractors and was knowledgable on how to obtain work permits. We had a gut renovation of our kitchen in a pre-war apartment building. This included knockin down walls, floor remodeling, new cabinets and appliances, new doorways and traffic flow, etc. Everything came in on-time and on-budget, quite a feat in this kind of work! And now that is all done: We just love it!"
Mary S.


"Daniel consulted with me about the feasibility of a project I am considering doing. The project objective is to convert a vacant mill building in northwest Connecticut to artist and business work spaces. 
Daniel was thoughtful and as impartial observer helped me separate my emotional desire to do the project from the financial feasibility. The conclusion was to proceed with the project."

-- Marty G.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel on a number of projects, where I was the structural engineer on the project. Daniel's professionalism, attention to details, budget, and timeline are always exemplary, and result in successful, well managed projects."
 Domenico A.


"Daniel worked closely with me every step of the way to design a restoration / renovation project within my means, and according to my needs and desires while gently and thoughtfully expanding my sense of the possible. He was attentive to the original materials, design, and context of the property and also to the flow that would make it again a functional living space. Daniel was flexible and responsive as surprises came up along the way and remained unperturbed throughout.
I enjoyed my work with him from start to finish and continue to take pleasure in the work he did."

-- Joel A.


"I hired Daniel to do architecture consulting work in a landmark's matter in a building we own. He was thorough and timely and obtained the landmarks approvals which were important to our project. I have also hired Daniel to review and assess the quality of construction work in a variety of projects. He always offered insight and helped determine any potential problems in this work."
-- David W.