The images on this page represent a cellar conversion, which to most people is a project of limited scope. But, no matter the size of the project, many of the steps to reach a satisfying conclusion are the same.

Residential. Our initial conversations will focus on your goals for the project, taking into account aesthetics, the quality or quantity of spaces, budget and schedule. We like you to engage a contractor early in the process so that your budget and schedule requirements are addressed clearly from the beginning. During the architectural design phase we discuss your ideas, whether general or specific, and develop them into coherent floor plans and spaces. We coordinate the lighting, power, finish, furniture and fixture requirements as well as any necessary engineering, such as structural or mechanical, until the design represents a unified set of spaces that meets your objectives. 

Commercial & Restoration. These types of projects generally require speed and much of what Daniel Alter will do in the initial stages is to identify and help qualify the various outside consultants that the scope of work may entail.

Daniel Alter will follow the project, whether Residential, Commercial or Restoration, from start to finish and will act as your agent throughout the process.